About Us

express2buy.com is owned and powered by Naaptol Online Shopping Private Limited

Launched in 2008, Naaptol has transcended its roots as a TV shopping channel to become a leading Multi-channel Retail & Discovery Platform. Its unique advantage lies in its ability to bridge the urban-rural divide, effectively reaching and influencing buying decisions across diverse demographics.

Naaptol's strength lies in its multi-pronged approach. It seamlessly blends the reach of seven dedicated TV channels with an established presence on third-party channels and DTH homepages. This TV dominance is strategically complemented by its burgeoning digital footprint across social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. The company is actively scaling its Digital Business, recognizing the future of retail lies in the online space.

But Naaptol's success goes beyond mere presence. It's powered by a robust, in-house technology platform designed for performance marketing. This bespoke system boasts built-in predictive analytics, which optimize business processes and seamlessly integrate operations, ensuring top-notch efficiency.

Naaptol thrives on a marketplace model, leveraging its technological prowess, strong sourcing and delivery networks, and multi-lingual programming and digital marketing capabilities (spanning six languages!). This comprehensive approach sets Naaptol apart, solidifying its position as a pioneer in the Indian retail landscape.

How did we do it?

Behind the scenes at Naaptol, a team of driven individuals (the Naaptolites!) is always working to unlock the full potential of every opportunity. Whether it's closing a deal, streamlining operations, building cutting-edge tech, or creating captivating marketing campaigns, our combined expertise is fueled by a deep well of research and insights. The result? A thriving environment where we deliver the best, every single day.